AI Image Generation

Hey, I’m Greenskull! I’m an influencer and consultant in the gaming and tech space. In the summer of 2022, I took advantage of new AI image generation technology to create entertaining vertical videos for TikTok and Instagram. In one month I amassed over 50 million views and 280,700 followers on TikTok.

A surge of requests of users wanting to download the AI images I was sharing led me to blog about each of my creations.

Download the images here!

More About Me

I’ve been creating gaming videos since before YouTube existed (circa 2006). It all started with Halo 2 easter egg, glitch, and trick videos. Back then it was all about forums and niche communities. Enjoying my time interacting with fellow gamers, I set off to form my own communities.

Ready Up Live (2007-2018) was a gaming forum with a focus on friendliness and a passion for Halo. It turned many of us into lifelong friends. Early on, a YouTube channel was created as a better platform to host trailers which would then be posted as news on the site. The YouTube channel quickly gained enough popularity to become a full-time job.

As time went on and the core community grew up, found jobs, and started families, RUL was closed and some of the team were picked up by the serendipitously named “Ready Up Inc.”. The YouTube channel remained and rebranded under my long-time internet persona of Greenskull.

Since then I’ve been keeping a foot in the influencer/content creator door while I pursue my lifelong passion of consulting on game industry marketing and community management.