How I create my viral TikTok videos using AI generation

Recently I discovered the power of AI Generation with the tool called DALL-E Mini. While DALL-E Mini produced some comedic results, it came nowhere near the artistic power of the next kid on the block: Midjourney.

Check out the images I’ve used in my TikToks!

Midjourney, through a mix of AI learning and literal magic, interprets words you submit and spits out a mish-mashed image in the dimensions of your request. Without specifying dimensions, it produces a single 1:1 image file containing four different interpretations of your prompt. You can then choose to upscale or make variations of any image. If none of the four tickle your fancy, you can re-roll the entire bunch.

“Greenskull gamer boy”

Variations produce another 4-tile image but instead of four different images it’s four slight variations of your selected tile.

Upscaling creates a larger image from your selection. In doing so, the AI continues to clarify and interpret the contents, thus often creating a slightly different image than before.

How I use it

It’s easy to see how you can vary and re-roll an image until it produces the exact content you’re looking for. For my TikTok videos, I tend to stick with the original four images that are produced. I find this the most exciting to interpret. It’s pure AI chaos! However, that’s not to say I don’t sometimes tweak one or two. Sometimes images are too similar, uninteresting, or not appropriate for my content. What I avoid completely is utilizing images that aren’t at least primarily from the first render. Sometimes it happens! Sometimes I think my prompt is great but the images are completely unremarkable. I don’t use these. Instead, I shrug and try a new prompt.

Taking the four images I’ve gathered, I turn on the camera and describe what I’m seeing. This part of the process is incredibly fun for me, because – just like the AI – I am interpreting the images. They weren’t created with much intent or meaning, so I’m left to place the meaning upon them. There’s something beautiful about that.

Where to now?

In mere days I’ve seen millions of views on my AI videos on TikTok. It’s clear that my passion for this technology is shared by many. I intend to keep releasing these videos daily for the foreseeable future. Maybe I’ll start harnessing different kinds of AI moving forward!

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